The circular economy is one of the most important concepts to create a truly sustainable economy. It aims at designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. This comes with huge business opportunities, but to capture these opportunities, new business models and circular ecosystems need to be formed. 
The Circular Economy Pattern Cards give an exhaustive overview of the patterns behind successful circular solutions. 
These patterns help companies to create new, sustainable ideas to re-design their business model and create new circular ecosystems. Each pattern card contains the essential information that is needed to understand the logic and concept behind the pattern. Concrete successful examples illustrate possible implementations of the business model pattern. 
digital collaboration
Digital collaboration with the client
Design & Illustrations:
Anastasia Egeressy (Illustrations, Design)
Anna Pfeiffer (Design)
Luca Rosso (Graphics)
Prof. Karolin Frankenberger, co-author of the Business Model Navigator
Fabian Takacs, University of St. Gallen
Richard Stechow, BMI Lab
“Navigating a business transformation alone is a tricky endeavor; taking it another step further by trying to build your own circular model can take you from tricky to unbearable. The Circular Economy Pattern Cards and their methodology are a fantastic way to navigate all the needed changes in your supply and value chain and make sure you add value.” 
Julian Schubert, Managing Director V-ZUG Services AG 

Andreas Jenne, Head of Sustainability REHAU Group

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